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CAPITAL LIFE FUNERAL PLANS Simple Ceremonial Traditional Royal Imperial
PLAN SPECIFICATION £1,895.00 £2,795.00 £3,795.00 £3,995.00 £4,295.00
12 Monthly payments (No handling charge) £116.25 £191.25 £274.58 £291.25 £316.25
36 Monthly payments £45.61 £75.03 £107.73 £114.27 £124.08
60 Monthly payments £30.11 £49.53 £71.12 £75.43 £81.91
120 Monthly payments £18.48 £30.41 £43.66 £46.31 £50.28
180 Monthly payments £14.61 £24.03 £34.51 £36.60 £39.74
All the Funeral Directors professional fees and services
The care and preparation of the deceased prior to cremation or burial
Collection of the deceased within a 50-mile radius Nationwide
Transport of the deceased to a suitable resting place within mainland UK
Advice & guidance on all aspects of the funeral arrangements including the certification and registration of the death
Family visits to the Chapel of Rest at a mutually agreed time
Funeral procession from the Chapel of Rest to local Crematorium or Cemetery
Funeral time and date mutually agreed between the Funeral Director & next of kin
A fully fitted coffin with handles and a personalised name plate Basic veneered Basic veneered Quality veneered High Quality veneered Superior veneered
Conductor and Pallbearers on the day of the funeral (4)
Limousines to follow the funeral procession 1 2
Provision of a hearse for the funeral procession
Confidential advice concerning bereavement counselling via the Funeral Director
Allowance towards 3rd Party Fees (see below) Inclusive Not Included £1,000 Allowance £1,000 Allowance £1,000 Allowance
Fees payable to doctors or a Coroner for the issue of a death or cremation medical certificates, or Coroners certificates
Cremation / Burial fees
Service at a Crematorium or Cemetery
Minister or Celebrant fees to perform the service at the Crematorium / Cemetery / Graveside
Note: All monthly instalments are calculated based on a £500 deposit and a flat 5.9% Supplemental Charge for each year of the Plan calculated on the Plan Price and charged each month as part of the instalment payment.