Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the answers to any questions you may have regarding our products and services. If you need more details on anything or want to talk to a friendly member of our team, contact us directly.

  • Why take out a Capital Life Funeral Plan?
    There are many reasons for taking out a funeral plan, but the main ones are to ensure that your wishes are known and followed, your loved ones do not have to shoulder the burden of the costs of a funeral and with the costs of funerals on the rise year after year, taking out a pre-paid funeral plan, freezes the costs now, protecting your loved ones from escalating costs.
  • What does a pre-paid Funeral plan include?
    Each plan is different and the various plans Capital Life offer can be found here.
  • What are Third Party Fees or Disbursements?
    “Disbursements” (also referred to as third party fees) means third party costs associated with the funeral paid by Capital Life or the Funeral Director which are the fees payable to the doctor or coroner for the issue of a death or cremation medical certificates or coroner’s certificates, cremation or burial fees, the service at a crematorium or cemetery and the fees for the minister or celebrant to perform the services at the crematorium, cemetery or graveside.
  • Can anyone have a funeral plan?
    Normally anyone who is over 18 years old can apply for a funeral plan, and we can guide you through a range of plans to suit everyone’s needs and budget. You can also buy a plan for someone else, such as a loved one or close friend.
  • A loved one has just passed away. Can I take out a funeral plan to take care of the funeral arrangements?
    Yes, we can still carry out the funeral arrangements. As long as the deceased is still at the hospice, hospital or at home Capital Life can take care of everything. This applies to the Traditional, Royal or Imperial plans only. Capital Life will require Payment in full for an immediate funeral though.
  • A relative already has a plan with Capital Life but has died abroad. Can
    you bring them home?
    Capital Life can help you make the necessary arrangements to sort out repatriation of your loved one. The cost of bringing the deceased home varies depending on where they passed away, but you can take comfort in the knowledge that Capital Life will do their utmost to help with their repatriation service.
  • Do you have to take a medical?
    No medical is required to take out a Capital Life Funeral Plan.
  • Can I pay for extras to my plan later?
    Yes, you can choose a variety of optional extras when you first take out your plan, as well as at any time later. Just call one of our helpful advisors who can discuss the various options available to you. You can also specify any personal requests you may have, such as a particular type of flower for your wreath, or any particular hymns you would like if you are having a service. It’s your funeral and we will do our utmost to make it memorable for your family and friends. Please feel free to use our funeral wishes to note down any special requests you may have. Let your family know where you keep it so when the time comes they can take comfort in knowing your wishes can be followed.
  • Can I tailor make my funeral plan?
    Yes, subject to you paying additional monies to go towards your wishes this is possible with some plans. You can also use our Funeral Wishes form to note down all your special requests (hymns, readings, attire etc) that you would like your loved ones to follow.
  • What if I want to include money towards a celebration or Church
    Yes, monies can be put towards a Church service, or a particular venue to have a celebration after the funeral, and any refreshments, entertainment or other special requests you may have.
  • Is burial more expensive than cremation?
    In general, burial is more expensive than cremation and it varies according to where you want to be buried also. Plots and memorial stone costs can vary widely in price also.
  • Where does my money go? How do I know it is safe?
    At Capital Life Funeral Planning no matter how you paid for your plan, either by a lump sum or monthly instalments, monies for the fulfilment of your plan are paid into a secure Trust Fund that is completely independent of Capital Life.
  • Does my family receive the money when I die?
    The money in the plan will go to the Funeral Director to cover all their costs and the allowance used towards any 3rd party fees (Disbursements).
  • Can I choose my own Funeral Director?
    Capital Life work with the National Funeral Service (as well as other Funeral Directors) to ensure we have nationwide coverage, including Southern Ireland, of local reputable Funeral Directors, to whom we will allocate your plan. This way, we know the quality we strive for will be met and that your funeral will be carried out according to your plan. Should you wish to nominate your own chosen Funeral Director we cannot guarantee that they will be able to carry out the specified plan and there may be additional costs for your loved ones.
  • I’ve bought a funeral plan, what should my family do when I pass away?
    When you purchase a funeral plan from Capital Life you will receive a full welcome pack in the post. Within this welcome pack is a clear guide for your loved ones to follow.
    In short, they contact the 24-hour helpline to notify us of the death along with the plan reference number, which will be on your plan certificate (also included in the pack). From there the Funeral Director will take care of everything according to the particulars of the plan purchased. The Funeral Director will be there to help guide your loved ones through all the arrangements to ensure a compassionate and caring funeral.
  • What happens if I decide I no longer want a Funeral Plan? Do I get a refund?
    With Capital Life Funeral Plans we hope you will be more than pleased with the service you receive and the funeral you have purchased, but should you change your mind you have 21 days to cancel your plan from the date you took out the plan. If you cancel the plan after more than 21 days then there will be a cancellation charge (see Terms and Conditions for full cancellation policy).
  • What happens if I die before all my instalment payments have been
    Should you pass away before all your instalment payments have been made your family/representatives will need to pay the balance of the plan price (together with any Funeral Director costs which may already have been incurred) before the Funeral Director is instructed.

Any other Questions?

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